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Weather Links

Accuweather  - The World's Weather Leader

EarthWatch - National storm trends, pressure movements abd forecasts as depicted in graphical maps.

Global Hydrology & Climate Center - A goverment sponsored site committed to understanding changes in global climates.

Intellicast - A general purpose weather site.

Old Farmers Almanac - Weather forecasts are determined by the use of a secret formula (devised in 1792 by the founder of this Almanac, Robert B. Thomas), enhanced by the most modern scientific calculations based on solar activity, particularly sunspot cycles. We also analyze weather records for particular locales. We believe nothing in the universe occurs haphazardly; there is a cause-and-effect pattern to all phenomena, including weather. It follows, therefore, that we believe weather is predictable.

National Climate Data Center - The Center has long served the Nation as a national resource for climate information. NCDC's data is used to address issues that span the breadth of this Nation's interests. As climate knows no boundaries, we work closely with scientists and researchers world-wide. NCDC has a growing archive of nearly 500 terabytes of data.

National Weather Service - Besides current weather conditions, this site is a good starting point for learning about weather terms, and weather in general, such as hurricanes, El Nino, etc.

Real Time Weather Data - This site is geared to the serious weather fanatic.

Weather Channel, The   - Up to the Minute weather forcast

WeatherNet - The Internet's premier source of weather information.

Yahoo Weather - Weather provided by Yahoo.

Weather Cams - provides access to over 800 weather cameras across North America, the largest list on the web!

Weather Net Weather Sites - provides access to over 380 North American weather sites.

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