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Movie Related

All-Movie Guide - One of the most comprehensive sites on film around. With news, essays, reviews, a glossary and much, much more, it's a film addict's dream come true. 

Hollywood Reporter - News relating to the movie industry.

Internet Movie Database - The premier source for background information on any movie, actor or director you can think of.

Movie Review Index - Movie reviews for over 16000 movies,  also allows for reviewing top movies for the last day, week, etc.

Mr Showbiz best.gif (89 bytes)- The world of entertainment, featuring television, radio & movies

MovieFone - MovieFone finds theaters and show times in just seconds. Search by film title, type or neighborhood. If you haven't already been pushed one way or another by the Hollywood marketing machine, the site shows trailers, review films or link to studio sites

Theatersbest.gif (89 bytes) - Current list of movies & times for Lowes, Sony, Cineplex, Magic, Star, & Imax Theaters

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